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This Site Is Maintained For Historical Information Only


2013 District 5 Points Championships Kick Off In Kansas City On October 6, 2012

The 2013 District 5 racing season began in Kansas City, MO on October 6 and 7, 2012. Plan to attend as many of the remaining District 5 races as possible.

It is important to support the local clubs that will host races, we lost the great Hilbert, WI races last year due to a lack of support. Almost all of the races will have multiple classes so there is a racing event for everyone including the new 426 and EF1 events.

Duane Hulen Wins Lead Goose Trophy, A.J. Hemken Wins Caudron Trophy!

The 424 and 426 NMPRA District 5 season points championships were settled in Bloomington, IL on September 22 & 23. Duane Hulen won the 424 points championship and took home the Lead Goose Trophy. A.J. Hemken held his lead to win the 426 points championship and the Caudron Trophy. Mike Helsel had already won the 422 NMPRA District 5 points championship and Jim Nikodem had won the EF1 points championship. Congratulations to the points champions on a great season.

Duane Hulen & Kevin Matney Win 424, Lonnie Finch & Moe Vereecke Win 426 In Bloomington!

Duane Hulen finished 1st in 424 on Saturday followed by Jay Cappis in 2nd and Jim Nikodem in 3rd. Lonnie Finch finished 1st in 426 on Saturday followed by Moe Vereecke in 2nd and Duane Hulen in 3rd. There was so much wind on Saturday it was almost too windy to fly. On Sunday Kevin Matney took 1st in 424 with Mick Warning taking 2nd and Darwin Larson 3rd. Moe Vereecke took 1st in 426 with Lonnie Finch taking 2nd and Duane Hulen 3rd. Kevin Matney took fast time both days in 424, Lonnie Finch took fast time in 426 on Saturday and Moe Vereecke took fast time in 426 on Sunday. A big thank you to Jay Cappis and the SIRS club for putting on a great race. A big thank you to Bob Smith Industries and Sam Rai Racing for donating prizes.

We are tracking NMPRA District 5 season championship points in all events and keeping the standings updated on this site. We have the prestigious Lead Goose Trophy and the new Caudron Trophy for the NMPRA District 5 season points championship winners in the Q500 424 and Q500 426 classes. The camaraderie and excitement at the races is unsurpassed at any R/C events.

If you have questions on how to get started or need information please e-mail Bernie Vanderleest.

2012 Season Points Championship Standings

Last Race Report, Results And Pictures

2011 Final Season Points Championship Standings

Indy Shootout Pilots

Indy Shootout Group Photo

YOU Can Compete For The Lead Goose & Caudron Trophies!

The prestigious ”Lead Goose” traveling trophy is awarded to the pilot that accumulates the most points in a series of AMA 424 pylon races held in NMPRA District 5. The NMPRA point system is used. Each pilot’s top six race point totals will be used to determine the champion. You do not need to be a member of the NMPRA to compete for the trophy but it is highly recommended that you join the NMPRA. You do not need to live in District 5 to compete, but only points earned in the District 5 series of races will count.

The "Caudron Trophy" traveling trophy will be awarded to the pilot that accumulates the most points in a series of AMA 426 pylon races held in NMPRA District 5.

Click here for the schedule of Lead Goose Trophy and Caudron Trophy events.

The 2011 racing season was a good one. We are looking for more pilots to join the fun in 2012. 424 Pylon Racing is the most fun you can have in R/C for the money. If you have questions on how to get started or need information please e-mail Bernie Vanderleest.

Pylon racing has come to an end in Hilbert, WI but the WIPRO pilots wish to sincerely thank Mick Warning, Mark Warning and George Reynolds for running the great Hilbert races.

Pylon racing has come to an end in Rockford, IL but the WIPRO pilots wish to sincerely thank Orv Steinmetz and Ron Monk for their longtime contributions to pylon racing.

Special thanks to Carl Dvorak who hosts the NMPRA District 5 website on his web server!

Join the National Miniature Pylon Racing Association (NMPRA). The NMPRA is the official Special Interest Group of the Academy Of Model Aeronautics for pylon racing. The NMPRA accumulates 424 Class, 426 Class and 422 Class National Championship points for NMPRA members. Your best 6 races are counted for the National Championships. If you have questions about the NMPRA you can e-mail the District 5 Vice President Jim Nikodem.

Click Here To Download 2012 NMPRA Membership Application


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424 Engine:
  Thunder Tiger Pro 40
  No Modifications!


426 Engine:

  Sport Jett .40

  No Modifications!


424 Prop:
  Stock 9x6 APC


426 Prop:

  Stock APC Pylon D1

  8.75 Minimum Diameter


  15% Nitro, Supplied At Race


  Minimum 3 lbs. 12 oz.


  500 Square Inches
  Constant Chord

  1 - 3/16" Thickness

  Span 50" - 52"

  No Composite Wings Or

  Tails In 424
  See Plane Specs

 For Additional Requirements

  3 Pylon, Short or Long Course
Complete AMA Pylon Rules



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